Instant noodles set

Instant noodles set

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We have chosen for you the 5 most popular instant noodles in Japan. It can be prepared simply by adding boiling water. Find out why this variety of noodles are  Japanese favourite flavours! 


This set includes the following products:

- UFO yakisoba noodles

UFO noodles are so tasty! The dried meat part is totally unique; very uncommon in the instant noodle world. The meat is actually quite chewy after soaking in water.

- Cup noodle CURRY

The best instant ramen thickened with a mild curry-based soup, large potatoe cubes and real, tasty, firm diced pork.

- Cup noodle SEAFOOD

The world famous cup noodles from Japan, with a delicious seafood broth and real pieces of tasty seafood.

- Donbe Kitsune Instant Udon Noodle Bowl (included deep fried tofu)

This bowl of thick udon noodles comes with a wonderful powdered soup and one delicious piece of fried tofu. 

Donbe Tempura Instant Soba Noodle Bowl (included nice big disc of tenpura)

This bowl of soba noodles contains buckwheat flour noodles , with a sachet of tasty soup and a packet of deep-fried pieces of tempura.