Japanese best snacks and drinks

The best of Japanese food & drinks

Discover the taste of Japan with our nice selection of food and drinks from Japan. Sweets, snacks, soda, beers and more...All these snacks, cookies and drinks  make life in Japan an everyday tasting adventure that we wish to share with you. You’ll find in this collection all kinds of Japanese sweets, cookies or biscuits, Japanese drinks, ramen and many products that make living in Japan a unique experience that you can now enjoy in your home.

Sweets and snacks

Japan is, of course, well known for its gastronomy, famous all over the world, whether it is sushi, udon, ramen, Kobe beef… Many of these dishes can be made “instantly” like Japanese instant ramen or udon, easy to make but unforgettable. But lesser known is how much Japanese love all kind of sweets but also a mix of salted and sweet like potato chips covered in chocolate, sour plums flavored candies, wasabi flavored cookies. 

Also, we didn't forget the classics like the inimitable Japanese kitkat.


Also, you will enjoy our selection of Japanese beers and drinks especially one of the best Japanese  whisky in the world