Rice molds set - Easy onigiri maker

Rice molds set - Easy onigiri maker

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 The easy onigiri set made in Japan includes :

- Easy Onigiri push

- Easy funny shape onigiri push

- Easy maki sushi roll 

We have chosen these molds especially for your bento lunch box because the final size of the rice balls will perfectly fit it your lunch boxes.

Easy onigiri push and Easy funny shape onigiri push 

What a good idea! Just push and voilà!

I don’t know for you but after many attemps to make real triangle rice balls (onigiri) by hand, I gave up. Maybe I’m not skilled or patient enough but each time I tried, my onigiri ended looking like a potato.This is why I use this onigiri maker. It’s a fast and convenient way to make onigiri.

Fast because I can make nice shaped onigiri in 1 minute.

Convenient because there’s a new system to add whatever you want inside your onigiri and with the embossing surface you can take out your rice balls without problems.

  • Included 3 pieces:  Easy onigiri push, Easy funny shape onigiri push, Easy maki sushi roll 
  • Dimensions:  
  • Easy onigiri push: L6.3 × W3 × H2 inches (L16 × W7.5 × H5 cm)
  • Easy funny shape onigiri push: L6.8 × W2.4 × H1.5 inches (L17.2 × W6 × H3.8 cm) 
  • Easy maki sushi roll: L8.2 × W1.6 × H1.5 inches (L20.8 × W4 × H3.7 cm) 
  • Weight: 180g
  • Material: polypropylene  (BPA free)

Precautions for use:

  • Dishwasher: NO
  • Microwave: NO
  • Oven: NO