Usagi bento lunch box

Usagi bento lunch box

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The Usagi Bento Lunch box is an elegant box imitating lacquered wood. You can see, on the main lid, 3 rabbits running in the meadow under the moon. This lunch box size is perfect for a traditional Japanese bento meal or western food. The removable divider will help you to organize your food and the upper container can be closed hermetically to put your favorite stew. Finally you can close your lunch box with the bento belt included and bring it to the office or for your picnic.

You can order the assorted chopsticks and their case by selecting the option.

Lunch box:
  • Included 6 pieces:   bottom container, upper container with its lid, main lid, elastic strap and removable divider
  • Color: brown / wood imitation
  • Dimensions: L5.5  × W4 × H3.3 inches    (L14 × W10.2 × H8.5 cm)
  • Volume: 21.3 oz (630 ml)  Lower compartment: 11.8 (350ml) Upper compartment: 9.5 (280ml)
  • Weight: 325g
  • Material: removable divider, bottom and upper container ABS-PET,  main lid urethane , Inside lid  polyethylene

Chopsticks and its case:

  • Included 2 pieces: pair of chopsticks and its case
  • Color:  case dark orange, wood imitation  chopsticks natural wood
  • Dimensions: case L7.5  × W1.2 × H0.5 inches  (L19 × W3 × H1.2 cm)    chopsticks  7.1 inch  (18 cm)
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Material: case ABS-PET, chopsticks natural wood


Precautions for use:
  • Dishwasher: YES (but it’s better to Wash the lunch box by hand)
  • Microwave: NO
  • Oven: NO
  • Do not place in the oven or near an open flame