What every home cook needs

Japanese cuisine is renowned worldwide for its balance, precision, and aesthetics. To recreate this culinary art in your own home, you'll need more than just the right ingredients. The magic also lies in the tools of the trade. This guide will walk you through the essential pieces of Japanese kitchenware that every home cook needs.

Japanese Knives

One of the most crucial tools in any kitchen is a good-quality knife. Japanese knives, known for their sharpness and durability, are a must-have. There are many types, but the three most common are the Deba (for filleting), the Usuba (for vegetables), and the Gyuto (the Japanese equivalent of a chef's knife).

Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple in Japanese cuisine, making a rice cooker an essential tool. Japanese rice cookers are known for their advanced technology, offering consistent results and multiple cooking functions. Look for a model that includes settings for sushi rice and brown rice.


Donabe is a traditional Japanese earthenware pot used for simmering dishes like nabe (hot pot). Its porous nature allows it to retain heat and distribute it evenly, resulting in flavorful, well-cooked meals. A donabe can also be used for rice cooking and even baking bread.

Bamboo Sushi Mat (Makisu)

If you're a sushi enthusiast, a bamboo sushi mat is a must. This small, flexible mat is used to roll sushi, helping you achieve tight, professional-looking rolls every time.

Miso Strainer (Misokoshi)

A miso strainer makes miso soup preparation easier and more efficient. This tool helps dissolve miso paste into the broth without creating lumps, leading to a smoother soup.

Cast Iron Teapot (Tetsubin)

These beautiful teapots are not only functional but also add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. They retain heat well, making them perfect for brewing and serving tea.

Japanese Grater (Orishi)

Japanese cuisine often involves fresh, finely grated ingredients like ginger, wasabi, and radish. A traditional Japanese grater, usually made of ceramic or metal, has small, sharp teeth for finely grating these ingredients.


Embracing Japanese cooking means more than just exploring new recipes - it's about understanding the culture, the cooking techniques, and the tools that make Japanese cuisine unique. Equipping your kitchen with these essential pieces of Japanese kitchenware will not only enhance your cooking experience but also bring a touch of Japanese aesthetics and philosophy into your home. Whether you're a seasoned cook or a beginner, these tools will help you prepare delicious, authentic Japanese meals with ease and style. Happy cooking!