Japanese Rice Bowls, Noodle, Soup & Donburi Bowls, Serving Bowls

In Japan, there are as many types of bowls as there are varieties of cuisine. Browse on Akazuki, from our large variety of bowls, including rice bowls, soup bowls and sauce bowls in a wide range of sizes, colors and materials. 

Japanese bowls

To simplify, there are three sizes of bowls in Japan and they can be made from different material, lacquer, wood, ceramic and, of course, plastic.

Rice bowls, noodle bowls, miso soup bowls, serving bowls… Everyone on the planet uses bowls and that makes them a great gift for everyone from an unknown relative who's getting married to someone dear. Be sure to find the perfect bowls for them from the different bowls and bowls gift sets we have in stock.

As a small size, Arita porcelain bowls are the central tableware used during a Japanese meal and are filled with rice. Even if you don't eat Japanese food you can still put ice cream in these rice bowls, sauces to dip from… Plastic and wooden are usually used for soups (misoshiru especially). Those Japanese rice bowls and Japanese Soup bowls will make a nice portion for young children.

Japanese bowls with lidsThe medium size bowls are about the same size as our smaller ‘western’ bowls. Used especially for ‘don’, which means rice covered by something, these donburi bowls from Japan can be very practical in a western lifestyle for cereals, soups and potages, individual salad bows…Our selection of Japanese bowls with lids will help to keep your food hot.

Ramen bowls from Japan

The large size bowls are in Japan for noodle soups like ramen or udon. Those ramen bowls from Japan are usually made from ceramic but commonly found made from plastic. Any salad, pasta dish, ramen soup would fit nicely into this practical size. They can also be used as serving bowls.