How big are Japanese rice bowls?

Rice bowls from Japan
Japanese bowls come in various sizes, traditionally Japanese rice bowls tend to be 12 through 13 cm in diameter. However, some bowls can be as big as 15 cm in diameter. Japanese rice bowls are created to be easy to handle and some even very beautiful to look at.


How to use a rice bowl?

Using a rice bowl is simple. Most Japanese rice bowls are meant to be held in your hands and used with wooden chopsticks. To use a rice bowl, it is best to support the bottom of the bowl with your fingers and place your thumb on the rim of the bowl. While they are commonly meant to be heald in your hands,  bowls can also be used while placed on a hard surface.

How to wash a Rice bowl?

Japanese rice bowls are commonly made from more fragile materials such as clay, because of this it is sometimes preferred to wash them gently by hand, however, there are rice bowls that are dishwasher safe and come with their own set of instructions for washing them.


Rice bowls can be used for more than just rice

Despite the name, Japanese rice bowls are not only for rice. While they are the perfect small and lightweight dish for serving rice to compliment a Japanese dinner, those bowls can also be used to serve fruit dishes such as a cold fruit salad. Some rice bowls are used for serving fried foods, or even Japanese desserts such as a jelly dish or Japanese cakes.

While Japanese bowls tend to be on the smaller side it is entirely possible to do a lot of different things with them when it comes to serving your favorite Japanese foods.