How to prepare UFO yakisoba?

The best way to prepare UFO yakisoba

1- Open the lid to about a third and Remove large opaque foil packet of liquid and small translucent packet of herbs and tiny mysterious pink bits (sauce, nori and ginger).

2- Add boiling water in the bowl and keep the cover sealed for 3-5 minutes, or just until the noodles are soft and can be loosened with a pair of chopsticks (remember to remove the two packets from inside the bowl first!). The longer you steep them in boiling water, the softer the noodles will be.

3- Remove entirely the water using the build-in strainer. There were two packets that came inside the bowl: one is seasoning, one is the sauce packet. Starting with just a little, mix both seasoning and sauce into noodle bowl.

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Enjoy your yakisoba in a beautiful ceramic bowl from Japan: