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Cold tea filter bottle


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  • Easy to use and clean 
  • The position of the strainer allows the tea to fully mix with the water for best extraction
  • Perfect for Japanese tea any kind of tea or to decant wine
  • Made in Japan
cold brew tea bottle
  • Includes 1 Cold Brew Tea Filter in Bottle
  • Categories: Teaware | teapots
  • Dimensions of the carafe:  W83.4 × Ø3.3 × H11.8" (W8.7 × Ø8.4 × H30cm )
  • Total volume of the carafe: 25.3oz (750 ml)
  • Curb weight: 600g
  • Material: glass and silicon / filter: Polypropylene
  • Dishwasher and hot water safe

How to use: 

1- Place 15g of tea leaves (5 or 7 teaspoons) into the glass bottle.

2- Fill the glass bottle with water up to the top measurement making (750ml).

3-  Mount the removable bottle spout  with the filter set inside onto the glass. Leave the spout unplugged.

4- Set the stopper into the spout and let the tea brew in the refrigerator for 3-6 hours.

5- Unplug the spout and serve.

Cold brew tea is brewed slowly over time to extract the flavors. As time passes the flavor settle to the bottom of the glass bottle. Before drinking the tea, stir up the bottom tea leaves so theay are spread evenly throughout the glass.

How to stir up leaves:

When stirring up the tea leaves makes sure the stopper is set and the glass bottle is on a flat surface. Hold the glass near the bottom and move it in a circular motion. The water Inside will swirl and the sunken tea leaves will spread throughout the glass Do not shake the glass horizontally or vertically as this may cause the tea to spill.

Serving the tea

Please wait for the tea leaves that have spread throughout the glass bottle to start settling back to the bottom before serving the tea. Be careful when pouring the tea or turning the glass bottle upside down when the tea leaves have not settled.This may cause the tea leaves to stick to the removable bottle spout and the filter mesh may block the water from pouring smoothly.

Special Christmas Delivery

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Cold tea filter bottle

Cold tea filter bottle