About us


Established in 2010, Akazuki is a Japanese store located in Fukuoka, Japan that offers a wide range of Japanese products and objects.  By offering you quality products, affordable shipping and impeccable service, we want to help you discover Japan and its unique culture. The company Akazuki LTD is a company under Japanese law with the official name kabushiki gaîsha AKAZUKI (株式会社Akazuki).


  • Authentic products at the best price
  • Secure and fast shipments
  • A responsive customer service always ready to listen and find the best solutions

We believe that customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors in a company's success. With this in mind, we pay special attention to your satisfaction. This involves preparing your order quickly, Japanese articles perfectly packaged, an effective follow-up of your order and a team at your disposal.

To get a general idea of what our customers think of us, we invite you to visit the customer reviews page.


  • A store of Japanese products in 2 languages for individuals
  • A sales service to professionals, online shops, hotels and restaurants, ...
  • On-demand shopping service (Yahoo, Rakuten, Amazon,...)
  • Clandestine operations to make the consumption of Kitkat in the world compulsory