The different uses of the plates in Japan.

In our plates collection, you can find Japanese plates in many different sizes and shapes but they are essentially made from ceramic. Located in Fukuoka, Akazuki Japanese store gives you the chance to shop like you were in Japan.

Japanese plates

There are a few categories like:

Shokado boxes

Shokado bento box  are lacquered or plastic plate for Separating and compartmentalising your favorite food easily. The perfect way to enhance your different dishes in one plate.

Small round  plates

The small round plates that fit in the palm of your hand are specifically made for seasoning or sauces, especially soy sauce. They are generally on the side of other small plates or bowls, but mostly next to a square plate where the main dish would be served.

Rectangular  plates

The rectangular  plates can be found in different sizes. Be sure to check how large they are especially if you are looking for Sushi plates, sashimi plates or yakitori plates. They are normally used for eating sashimi (raw fish) or sushi (raw fish on top of rice). Of course, they are also used for other types of cooking, like yakitori (Japanese kebab, tonkatsu (deep-fried pork), the delicious Japanese beef and more. The longest ones are usually  plates for grilled fish.

Hallow oval plates

The hallow oval plates like Curry plates were especially made for dishes with rice and some kind of sauce or gravy. The most famous is of course the Japanese curry with all of its “customization”. With the popularity of the western dishes whether it is at a restaurant or at home, make these plates a perfect choice for pasta, salads, risotto…

Round Japanese plates

The round Japanese plates, flat or hallow, a more familiar to our western standards. Many ceramists offer today a large variety of sizes, colors, patterns that can be either European style but also Japanese style with traditional  pattern. They are used for almost any kind of cooking.

Plates gift sets

Plates gift sets for a special occasion, birthday,wedding,...