During the cold winter, a warm mixed hot pot (called yosenabe) makes the  best feast. Even if it's called Yosenabe, ingredients included local specialties vary by region. 

The name yosenabe comes from mixing an assortment of things together. The basics involve stewing seafood (such as cod, salmon and shrimps) and vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, green onion and edible chrysanthemum, mushrooms and tofu in dashi stock, then serving with condiments ans sauce.

After enjoying a plethora of ingredients, another pleasure awaits  in adding rice or udon to the hot pot at the end of the meal. The person in charge of the hotpot process isn called "nabe bugyo", meaning the hot pot commissioner.

Wooden cooking chopst...
Donabe Ruri
Cooking chopsticks Mij
Donabe Tokusa
Donabe Akae
Cooking chopsticks Hinoki
Kombu seaweed
Green yuzu kosho
Cast iron pot Tetsu
Iriko (dried baby anch...
Ponzu sauce
Rayu sauce