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At Akazuki, we take shipping very seriously. Each parcel is carefully packed and labeled by hand. As we are eco-friendly, we use recycled or used papers as long as the products are safely wrapped in the parcel.

Once your order is processed, your purchase will be packed and transfer to the Japan Post Office the following business day. We are based in Fukuoka, Japan and all your orders will be shipped from Fukuoka. Every order is prepared within 24 hours after the payment confirmation (except Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese holidays). If there should be any unexpected delays, we would inform you by email.

As soon as your parcel is taken care of by the carriers, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation e-mail.


A- From 0 gram to 2kg:

SAL No tracking number,
No Insurance
(two to three weeks)
SAL Kakitome,
insurance with tracking number (two to three weeks)
insurance with tracking number (four to seven days),
From 0 to 100 grams Flat rate of $3 Not available Not available
From 0 or 101 to 1000 grams
  • Flat rate of $5.95 
  • Flat rate of $9.95
  • rate of $19 to 400 grams
  • rate of $29 to 1000 grams
From 1001 to 1500 grams
  • Flat rate of $11
  • Flat rate of $15
  • Flat rate of $29
From 1501 grams to 2000 grams
    • Flat rate of $16
    • Flat rate of $20
    • Flat rate of $39

    Kakitome is the Japanese equivalent to the registered mail. It provides insurance (up to 6000 yen about $75) and a tracking number. Please see below for more information about the different shipping methods.

    B- For over 2kg

    For parcels of more than 2000 grams, shipping cost varies according to the parcel's weight. Go to your shopping cart and enter your address to get an the shipping price. Or you can find in details all the rates here:

    Airmail (small package):
    SAL (economy, small package):

    C- Free shipping campaign

    AKAZUKI will decide on which shipping method to use. Most of the parcels will be sent by SAL.


    III. SHIPPING Schedules

    There are different shipping methods. Choose carefully the one that best suits you. There are three shipping types for international mail: EMS, Airmail, Surface mail and Economy Air (SAL). Customers can choose rates and number of delivery days according to their individual needs.

      Shipping Type


      Express Mail Service (EMS)       

    Top priority among international mails is placed on this service! Posts will be delivered for approximately 2-7 days to addressee all over the world.

    The parcel is insured and a tracking number is provided and will be sent to you.

    You can check the rates here

    Details of Express Mail Service on the Japan Post Office’s website.


       (Kakitome or not)

    Fees are relatively high since posts will be sent by air. Delivery will be made approximately 7-14 days.

    The insurance and a tracking number are not provided. 

    With Kakitome, an insurance and a tracking number are provided. 

    You can check the rates here.

      Economy Air (SAL)

       (Kakitome or not)

    This is a service where international mail is handled as surface mail in both Japan and the destination country and as airmail between the two.

    The insurance and a tracking number are not provided.

    With Kakitome, an insurance and a tracking number are provided. 

    You can check the rates here

    For details, please refer to Economy Air (SAL) on the Japan Post Office’s website.

    • It takes approximately 14-21days for mail to arrive at the destination.
    • In some cases, it may take longer due to the handling system of the destination country.

    Average time from the Japanese Post Service. Depends on the countries and periods during the year. 

    IV. Japanese Post Office

    The Japan Post offers 3 different tariffs:

    * Economy air shipping (SAL):
    This is the cheapest option. There is no tracking number, no insurance, and the exact delivery time cannot be predicted.
    Delivery will take about 14 to 21 days to Europe or North America. It can be longer depending on the periods (Christmas and new year’s for instance). For some areas, delivery can take around 3 to 4 weeks.

    * Economy air shipping (SAL) Kakitome:
    Same as the previous SAL. Delivery will also take about 14 to 21 days to Europe and North America, but parcels have a tracking number. The tracking number you'll receive is from the Japanese post only.  See below for more information.
    Click here to track your parcel.

    * Airmail (Kakitome):
    Especially for areas which are not covered by the SAL or EMS tariffs, parcels can be shipped with the Airmail service (mainly for Caribbean islands). Delivery will take about 6 to 10 days to Europe and North America, and parcels have a tracking number.
    Click here to track your parcel.

    * Express Mail Shipping (EMS)
    The fastest delivery (but the most expensive), usually within 4 to 6 days in Europe and North America. 
    EMS is insured up to 20,000 yen in case of loss or damage. You can track your parcel on the EMS website with the tracking number included in the shipping confirmation. 
    Kakitome: Online tracking will then only show the parcel's details until it leaves Japan (usually from Osaka). Then depending if your national Post Office and the Japan Post Office have some mutual agreement, there are two solutions. Either, you will be able to track your parcel to your home (usually with some delays) or when the parcel arrives in your country, the national post service will attribute a new tracking number. Your local post office should be able to track it with your Japanese number. This shipment is insured up to 6000 Yen. 


    Whatever you do, please send us an email first with your order number!

    We believe that good service and happy customers are of utmost importance for a successful business. We will always be here to listen to every complaint and try to find the best solutions for all. Please contact us if you have any questions or complaints, and we will do our best to satisfy you. You will find below the different policies we usually apply in case of different problems. Any reclamation done after 3 months will not be considered. Please send an e-mail including your order number at 

    Delay: for SAL shipment, we’ll wait 45 days before worrying about your parcel. First, go to you Post Office and ask if a parcel is not waiting for you. Then, if you still haven’t received it, please contact us after the 45 days. Don't forget because after 3 months, your case is closed. For SAL Kakitome, Airmail Kakitome and EMS shipments please go to the online tracking service track your order. If you have lost your tracking number, please send us an email to request it again. 

    Damage: If a product has been broken or damaged during the delivery, please e-mail us as soon as possible after receiving it and include pictures of your damaged item. We will respond quickly. 

    Mistake: We are terribly sorry, please accept our sincere apologies. Contact us immediately.
    Parcel returned back to us: If your parcel has been returned back to us, we'll contact you to reship it. Depending on the reason (unknown or mistaken address, unclaimed parcel), the re-shipping cost may lie with you or with us.


    Import duties and tariffs are not included in the price of your product. These supplementary costs are the customer’s responsibility

    Customs duty and other taxes may be charged when a shipment reaches your country. If applicable, please pay those costs directly to the delivery agents or the customs office. Policies on those taxes vary in each country. Please contact the customs office at your country for more details.

    You understand that when you purchase from us you are importing goods from Japan, and as such, certain import duties or tariffs may be charged by your local customs agency. The amount charged will depend on the total price and type of products in your order. Since the rate of duty differs from country to country, we must ask the customer to find out if and how much duty you will be required to pay. This information is usually freely available on customs agency websites.

    Be aware that we will have to display the full value of your purchase on the customs label with no exception.

    U.S.A customs - Canada Border Service Agency - Douanes Belge - Douanes Suisse - Germany, Zoll - UK customs - Australia


    If you have sent us an email and you’re expecting a reply. Make sure to check you spam mail box. Sometimes our email can be misplaced by your mail provider and wrongfully being put in the spam box.