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Japanese tea containers

All our Japanese tea tins are made in Japan.These accessories are a must for those who love tea or for those looking for an elegant storage box. Keep your Japanese green tea tasty by using our Japanese tea containers.
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Keep your Japanese green tea tasty !

Tea canisters in Japan

Tea canisters from Japan by AkazukiA tea tin is called a “chazutsu” in Japanese. It’s a receptacle used to store green tea. Did you know that a Tea Caddy is one of the basic tools for the Japanese tea ceremony? There are two types of tea caddies. The first one is called Natsume. The Natsume has been designed to store thin tea powder. The other type called Chaire is for thick tea known as koicha. The Natsume is generally made of plastic, artificial wood or natural wood.

Today, in Japan the tea ceremony is still popular and is considered to be an art, equivalent to calligraphy or origami. Nowadays, accessories used traditionally in the tea ceremony have become a part of Japanese daily life and is easily findable in every kitchen in Japan but not only. Of course, in Japan, tea canisters are made to store tea inside but they have also become an aesthetic product that one may like to display in front of guests. Indeed, in the ceremony, tea is not only a question of taste but also a question of aestheticism. What is presented and how it is presented is of utmost importance.

Every tea lover knows that it is important to keep tea leaves or tea powder far from moisture or oxygen as much as possible. This is why all the Japanese tea canisters in our selection have an outer lid and an inner lid to ensure some air-tightness. Japanese tea tins are never completely air-tight so don't expect the inner lid to shut the tea canister hermetically.

Even if they have been specifically designed for storing Japanese green tea as sencha or matcha, our tea tins are also great to keep some good English, Indian or Chinese tea.

With their elegant patterns and designs, they will be perfect to store your favorite coffee or tea. They can even be used as a stylish storage for your kitchen or your bathroom.