What happens when US kids try natto for the first time?

Natto is a fermented soybean food, which is produced and consumed mainly in Japan . The Japanese usually eat natto with cooked rice, after mixing it with seasonings attached in a package or with soy sauce . It smells bad but It's really good for health! So what happens when US kids try natto for the first time?

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Sakura by night in fukuoka

If one day, you have the opportunity to visit Fukuoka in April during the Sakura cherry blossom, this is what you could see in Maizuru Park at night!          

Where does Matcha come from?

Where does Matcha come from? Matcha (抹茶) is grounded up Japanese green tea leaves. These green tea leaves are specially grown and processed for matcha. In the process, the green tea plants are put through a process called “shade-growth” up to a month before it is harvested. The stems and veins of the green tea plant are also removed in...

What is a Kyusu Teapot?

A kyūsu (急須) teapot is a traditional Japanese teapot commonly used for brewing and drinking green tea. The most common kyūsu design has a handle on its side, however, some kyūsu teapots will also come with a handle on the top or on the back of the teapot. The Style of Kyūsu Teapots and Western Teapots Kyūsu teapots are normally...

How big are Japanese rice bowls?

Japanese bowls come in various sizes, traditionally Japanese rice bowls tend to be 12 through 13 cm in diameter. However, some bowls can be as big as 15 cm in diameter. Japanese rice bowls are created to be easy to handle and some even very beautiful to look at.   How to use a Japanese rice bowl? Using a Japanese...

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