Karakusa Meoto yunomi tea cups (set of 2)

Karakusa Meoto yunomi tea cups (set of 2)

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There is a special pair of Yunomi called Meoto Yunomi (Meoto means ‘married couple’). The Meoto Yunomi teacups set consists of two cups with the same pattern (sometimes in different colors) but different sizes and often slightly different shapes. The larger cup represent the ‘husband’ and the smaller cup the ‘wife’.


  • Included two Yunomi tea cups
  • Categories : teaware tea cups | gift ideas | Arita porcelain
  • Color: white,blue and red
  • Total Volume and dimensions: 
    Small tea cup Ø2.7× H3.1 inches Ø6.8 × H8 cm 5.4 oz (160ml)
    Big tea cup Ø2.5× H3 inches Ø6.4 × H7.5 cm 6 oz (180ml)
  • Curb weight: 300g 
  • Material: ceramic
  • MADE IN JAPAN in Arita

Precautions for use: 

  • Dishwasher safe: NO
  • Microwavable: NO
  • Oven safe: NO
  • Do not place near an open flame