Tea caddy purple kimono

Tea caddy purple kimono

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The pattern on the lid of this elegant large tea canister is quite traditional for Japanese Kimono.

There are two models in this collection and this one is the purple model. Purple in Japanese is murasaki and is a popular color. The background color of the lid is purple and is decorated by elegant leaves and flowers.

This large size tea caddy is perfect to store a large quantity of tea. The main container itself is black and the inner lid too. The inner lid keeps the tea fresh. It is airtight.

Although usually used to store tea, it’s up to you to use it as you like. For example, candies fit perfectly in it.

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  • Includes:  1 tea canister, hermetic lid, main lid 
  • Color: black , pink, red and white / may vary
  • Dimensions:  Ø3.5 × H3.9 inches (Ø8.8 × H10cm) 
  • Volume: 12.9 oz. (380 ml) / 200 g of tea leaves 
  • Weight: 150g
  • Material: ABS  and silicon for the inner lid

Precautions for use:

  • Dishwasher: NO
  • Microwave: NO
  • Oven: NO