Sushi rice mold

Sushi rice mold

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How to easily make sushi at home?

There's an easy way to make sushi at home. With the sushi rice mold, you can make sushi in a minute. Prepare your rice,  put the rice inside, push, cut a piece of your favorite fish, and everything is done. With this rice mold, all your sushi will be evenly sized and shaped.
how to use the sushi rice mold① Make it wet before using. Put rice evenly in the container and place the press lid on top and press down evenly and strongly .

② Remove the press lid and overturn the container .
③ Remove the nigiri sushi by pressing the center part of the bottom of the container.

  • Included 2 pieces:  main part and  lid
  • Dimensions:  L6.3 × W2.4 × H1.4 inches (L16 × W6 × H3.5 cm)  
  • Weight: 30g
  • Material: polypropylene  (BPA free)

Precautions for use:

  • Dishwasher: NO
  • Microwave: NO
  • Oven: NO

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